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Compensation is hard! By building a pay calculator, our goal is to:

  1. Provide clarity and transparency to team members and candidates on how their pay is calculated.
  2. Decrease subjectivity, pay inequalities and biases in pay decisions.
  3. Attract people who value transparency and trust as much as we do.
  4. Share our methodology and philosophy around compensation publicly to hopefully help and receive feedback from others, in the spirit of our "We support open source" value.

👏 We have to give kudos to companies such as Buffer, GitLab, Codacy and Whereby for their work and public documentation on pay. We adapted their approach to fit our culture and stage. We also found "How to Structure Compensation for Remote Teams around the World" by Rodolphe Dutel from Remotive a very interesting and helpful article.

Pay as part of overall compensation

Base pay is just part of our overall compensation structure. Other elements of our overall compensation are:

Our Pay Formula

Base Pay = Role x Seniority x Performance x Location

(Final pay decisions remain an executive decision.)

<aside> 📢 If your pay (from before we introduced the pay formula) is higher than the calculation by the formula, we will not reduce your pay! Instead - depending on how high above the calculation your pay is -, you may have to wait longer for your next pay increase or your next pay increase may be smaller so we can get you back on track with our pay philosophy.


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